To dive in Reunion island

Diving in Reunion Island

Geographic diversity:


On the west coast, a lagoon with a natural coral reef. You will be able to dive alongside this reef to discover a huge variety of fauna and flora.


On this side of the island, weather conditions are excellent all year round and the water temperature varies between 24° to 30° C (75° to 86° F).

The visibility is exceptional.

On the east coast there is no coral reef but you will find beautiful and very old lava flows.

Here, you might not be able to dive as easily as on the other coast as this side of the island is a lot windier and rainier, but there are still some fantastic and maybe a little more physical dives to enjoy.

Coral reefs:

From beginners to qualified divers, the coast from St Paul to St Leu offers many possibilities.

You will dive on the extern side of the reef and you will be able to admire the very rich life that it has to offer.

All sorts of coral: fire coral, soft coral, black coral, red coral… gorgonia. This is just for the flora.

The fauna is as diverse: moray eels, lobsters, clams, clown fishes, turtles, sting ray… a huge live fish tank.

The underwater cliffs:

On the east coast, the windiest one, the underwater cliffs are numerous and varied.  Depths are going from 15 to 40 meters; you will be amazed at how clear the water is.

When diving you will encounter a huge amount of fishes: snappers, batfish, and surgeonfish…

You could not not be seduced by the dives on offer in the Reunion Island.

The underwater caves:

There are quite a few of them, baring exotic names such as: Le pain de sucre, la cheminée, les trois faille’s…

These are exceptional dives; the light playing in them will transport you in another world altogether.

You will go from one surprise to the next; the underwater world will not cease to amaze you

The wrecks:

A few of them: the Hïa Sïang, The Navarra, The Barge.

These peaceful sites are a delight to the eyes; the wrecks now inhabited by the flora and fauna are once again coming to life.

The pelagic:

And to beautifully end the picture, you could get to dive with whales and dolphins at certain periods of the year.

As it comes, from July on, whales grace us with their huge presence; they come to the shores of St Gilles to our greatest pleasure.

Other Pelagic are there all year round to be admired: tuna, barracuda, jack…

 And, who knows, you might even get to see a shark!