An exceptional experience with cetaceans.

Your dream of swimming with whales or dolphins can come true!

We can observe cetaceans all year round around Reunion Island. We offer a three hour trip accompanied by 2 diving instructors to observe these majestic animals in the wild. We will enter the water with fins, masks and snorkels if the conditions for observation are good…depending on visibility, swell, animal behavior, and other boats under observation. Then we approach the animals with calm and respect…and let them decide the rest!  *YOU MUST BE COMFORTABLE SWIMMING AT  LEAST 200 METERS WITH FINS, MASK AND TUBA FOR THESE TOURS.

From 12 years old.

Humpback whales or Megaptera novaeangliae​

These marine mammals can be seen in Reunion from June to October. They measure an average of 15 meters and weigh 25 tons, the size of a bus! Humpback whales come to the Reunionese coast to give birth to their calves and/or to mate. They come from Antarctica where they live the rest of the year. There, the water is too cold and the predators too numerous for the calves to grow up safely.

Swimming with humpback whales is possible, but with specific approaches to ensure the comfort of the animals and the pleasure of the divers.


First we have to find the animals! We look for signs that they are curious and want to see us. We will never force an interaction on an animal that shows us she is not interested. We always approach these animals calmly and respectfully. If their behavior allows it, it is then possible to get into the water to try to observe them in their natural environment. It is not always easy!

Each participant is equipped with fins, mask, snorkel and a wetsuit. By law, we must swim at least 100 meters to see them, as the boats cannot go closer. This is only allowed outside of the Natural Reserve Zone, which means we will be out in the open ocean and we will not see the bottom. An instructor will be in the water with the group of no more than 9 people, and everyone stays together while in the water by holding hands. If the animal so chooses, sometimes they can come up close! Other times they just pass by, and sometimes they will dive to avoid contact if they don’t want to see us. After the interaction is over, we swim back to the boat. This can be redone as many times as the animals let it can sometimes be very physically demanding and a great cardio workout!

An extraordinary experience

In the end, we will conserve only what we love, we will love only what we understand, and we will understand only what we are taught.” Baba Dioum

Being able to see and interact with these animals, making eye contact with them…this can change your life and way to see the world and our oceans. This is why we love taking people on these tours, and why we make sure to do it with a huge respect to the rules on approaching them. But also as importantly…to do it with positive, joyful energy full of love and gratitude!