An exceptional experience with cetaceans.

Would you like to have an extraordinary experience with cetaceans?

We observe cetaceans all year round around Reunion Island. We propose you to go out at sea, accompanied by 2 diving instructors, to observe these majestic animals. We will go into the water with fins, masks and snorkels if the conditions for observation are good (visibility, swell, animal behavior, boats under observation). You will make unforgettable memories of this extraordinary encounter. From July to October, humpback whales come to Reunion’s waters to reproduce and give birth.

Humpback whales or Megaptera novaeangliae​

These marine mammals can be seen in Reunion from July to October. They measure an average of 15 meters and weigh 25 tons, the size of a bus! Humpback whales come to the Reunionese coast to give birth to their calves and/or to reproduce. They come from Antarctica where they live the rest of the year where the water is too cold and the predators too numerous for the calves to grow up safely. Launching with humpback whales is possible, but with specific approaches to ensure the comfort of the animals and the pleasure of the divers.

Snorkeling: Try to observe whales or dolphins​

If their behavior allows it, it is then possible to get into the water to observe these natural wonders in their natural environment. Each participant is equipped with fins, mask, snorkel and a suitable wetsuit (comfortable and washed/disinfected after each trip). We have always been attentive to the well-being of the animals and ensure that our outings are carried out with the greatest respect for them.

An extraordinary experience

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