Would you like to discover scuba diving?
Discover the steps to a first dive to help you make the leap!

Come and discover the seabed of Reunion Island, with an individual instructor during your immersion to a maximum depth of 6 meters (depending on your age).

You will be in visual contact with the tropical fish, turtles and rays that the coral reefs of Reunion’s west coast offer.

A complete and disinfected equipment will be lent to you.

Your instructor will follow you from briefing to graduation.

As wild animals, we may not encounter them on every dive

The process to a first dive

First of all, the instructor will give you the necessary equipment for diving (wetsuit, mask, fins, stabilizing jacket, etc.). Then, you will go to the dive site where you will be briefed on the use of the equipment and on the safety instructions. In the water, everything will be done to ensure your safety, reduce your apprehension, and make sure you have an extraordinary experience.

Who is the first dive for ?

Scuba diving is for any individual who wishes to discover the underwater world. However, there are a few recommendations to take into account:

  • Children must be at least 8 years old.
  • Pregnant women are not allowed to dive.
  • if you have epilepsy or asthma, you will not be able to perform a baptism.

For a baptism, only an information sheet will be submitted. It is used to evaluate your aptitude to practice this sport, the medical certificate not being necessary.


What next after the dive for ?

After a first dive, people wishing to continue and evolve in scuba diving can follow training courses leading to a diploma. Several training organizations are available to you : FFESSM, SSI and ANMP. All of them deliver diplomas that will allow you, in the long run, to dive in total autonomy. If your child has been amazed by the underwater world following a baptism, you should know that it is not possible to pass his first level of diving from the age of 8 years.