Cetacean excursions

How's it going?

We’ll do our best to show you these magical animals underwater. But remember, these are wild animals. Sometimes it’s hard to find them, and sometimes they don’t want visitors.
We analyze the behavior of the animals and launch them with the utmost respect. We adhere strictly to the regulations laid down by the prefectoral decree, which still allows us to see these animals underwater (we’re very lucky and hope this continues).
These outings can be very sporty, as you may have to swim for a while before you see anything underwater. Or there may be long periods when nothing happens. The key word on these outings is patience! And maybe a bit of luck. We’re on a wilderness safari, looking for wild animals and their babies. With a lot of patience and a bit of luck, we hope to give you an experience you’ll never forget.

**Cancellations received less than 48 hours in advance will not be reimbursed. We often have a waiting list or have to turn people away as the limit for these outings is 9 people. Please be respectful and give us time to fill your place if you decide not to come.

Included in Prestation:

  • A passionate instructor with years of experience in this type of outing, who will be in the water with you, and who is certified for a respectful approach to these animals.
  • A pilot trained to spot cetaceans will guide the group from the boat.
  • All required equipment
  • A large, spacious boat where you can move around to take photos, put down your towels and sweaters, and protect yourself from the sun.
  • Onboard snacks: brioche, fruit juice, hot tea.
  • A little punch after the outing back at the dive center.
  • A great diving center with toilets, lockers for your gear, and hot showers after the dive.


  • Know how to swim with a mask and a TUBA CLASSIC (not the integrated snorkel, Decathlon-style mask).

  • Know how to swim with fins.

  • Be able to swim a minimum of 200 meters in open water without seeing the bottom.

  • Ability to comply with safety rules and regulations.

  • Be able to get back on the boat.

  • Have a super energy full of positivity and optimism.