Level 4

As a niveau 4, you will have the same right as a niveau 3, plus you will be able to accompany up to 4 niveau on their dives or up to for niveau 2 on a 40-meter deep dive.

This certification gives you the possibility to take the national instructor exam (BEES 1).

The training lasts 13 days, you will also have to swim, do some rescue exercises and practice breath holding.

The price is 1200€ for the 13 days and the certification. You are require to have you own material.

18 years minimum of age, certificate delivered by a specialist, an ID picture, hold you niveau 3 or 2, being able to prove a minimum of 20 certified dives at 40-meter.

Hold a CFPS or AFPS (rescue at sea certificate, as mentioned in niveau 3).

During the training you will follow 12 hours of classroom lectures and 24 hours of technical dives and such.