Level 3

Niveau 3:

A niveau 3 certificates gives the divers they full autonomy, they are able to dive up to 60-meters without an instructor.

To complete this certificate you will have to undertake 11 technical dives (a few more could be needed, this will be decided by the instructor), the organisation of these is as above, you will though have a 3 months period to finish it.

The cost of it is 650€ and gives you the same equipment as for niveau 2.

As a niveau 3 you will be require to take another exam and short course in safety procedures and emergency response if anything should happen at sea.

You do need to hold you Niveau 2 and prove that you dived at least 20 times since then.

You have to 18 to take this certification; you need a certificate from a specialist as above and an ID picture.